Different Types of Hay for Your Horse


There are a variety of factors to bear in mind when choosing the correct hay for your horse. These are all to do with matching the physical specifications and daily activity of your horse to the nature of the hay in question. Also considering what it will offer your horse’s system. Specific details to note […]

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Springtime Checklist for Horse Owners

Horse, Yard

With the show season around the corner, the weather lifting (hopefully), and the sun poking out, the Spring has started to work its way into action. This means that there are a number of things that horse owners must start to consider to make sure their horses are fit, happy and healthy. Luckily, the days […]

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Sand Accumulation in the Equine Colon


Most horses will have small amounts of sand in their intestines. Horses pick this up as they feed and it won’t usually prove to be a problem. However, too much sand can lead to many health issues including a case of colic. Horses will ingest sand if they feed on sandy soils. Clay and silt […]

Sunday, December 31st, 2017